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Monday, October 03, 2005

the (International) Noise Conspiracy

Sometimes I think about what I'd be doing if I were in Kansas City. Most of the times its a vague idea at best, but I know exactly what I'd be doing tonight.

I'd be having fun at the (International) Noise Conspiracy show.

t(I)NC melds a 60s garage band sound with a lot of radical left politics. I've seen t(I)NC once before on their first US tour in 2000. It was the best show ever. The music was good, but the band really sold it. The whole band had great energy and syncrhonized jumps, but singer Dennis Lyxzen stole the show. He used to be the frontman for the hardcore band Refused. Now he's given up the screaming to be the Swedish James Brown, belting out tunes and dancing like his life depended on it. He swung the microphone around so much it was a miracle no one got a concussion. There were jumps, splits and other move that defy easy explanation. This wasn't just the best performance I'd ever seen, it was the best by far.

So I'm sad that I can't be in Kansas City tonight to go, but if you're in Kansas City, go you won't regret it. The (International) Noise Conspiracy is opening for the Bravery, which is a shame in my opinion, but at least you'll get home a little earlier. Here are the details.

WHEN: Tonight (Monday, October 3rd)
WHERE: The Beaumont Club, 4050 Pennsylvania, KCMO

Go have fun!


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